Imotong governor unveils plans to end hunger and insecurity


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[Torit, South Sudan, TCT] The newly appointed governor of Imotong in Eastern Equatoria; Nartisio Loluke Manir announced plans and actions required in an effort to propel future growth and poverty reduction and enhance peace and stability in the new state. According to Loluke, the first governor of Imotong, one among the recent controversial 28 created states, the sporadic rebellion in the country has had devastating effects, which has severely subjected many families to hunger and starvation, largely due to insecurity to cultivate and grow crops. Speaking at the state headquarters in Torit last Friday, Loluke explained that investment on agricultural sector must be a top and immediate priority to address the persisting problem of hunger in the state. “hunger-related death cases have already been reported last year and we must work hard to avoid such scenarios,” he explained. According to the new governor who was amazingly welcome by a large population, he said, his plans aim to accelerate resource mobilization for investment in agricultural sector to promote activities of peace and stability in the state. Loluke who was accompanied by former Eastern Equatoria State governor now governor of Namurunyang State, Louse Lobong Lojore was received by thousands of people who gathered and line up up along the road side from Magwi to Torit. The new governor appealed to citizens to rally behind his leadership for the purpose to succeed implementation of immediate or short-term plans to meet basic expectations of civil population in the new state. Loluke promised that his government would take lead by investing in agricultural sector and ending insecurity in the state. “My government will cultivate on 100,000 fedans of agricultural land as an exemplary to encourage the locals to do the same and make the state to be a “food basket state” in the country,” he announced. He strongly warned the youth against laziness, and advised them to avoid sitting under trees playing dominoes, cards or taking tea for a daylong, a situation he describes as ‘waste of time.’ “I want you (youth) to stop sitting under trees doing nothing, get the hoe to cultivate or do something beneficial to public,” he said. He cautioned politicians of power wrangles while revealing he will resize his cabinet to a smaller team of ministers who can perform. The new governor encouraged all intellectuals in different capacities to embrace unity. On security, Loluke assured thousands of citizens who were cheering up at reception that peace, security, and stability remain central immediate challenge his government must address instantly.

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