Hundreds Hundreds in hospital in Jonglei after food poisoning

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[Bor, South Sudan TCT] – At least over four hundred people are hospitalized in South Sudan’s Jonglei capital Bor after eating food at a public event organized on Sunday, Health officials told TCT on Monday.

Moses Gak, medical officer working at Bor Civil Hospital said the health facility is packed with patients mainly women, children and the elderly who are exhibiting vomiting and passing diarrhea, causing emergency in the state.

“We received patients with symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and fever,” Gak told TCT by Phone from Bor. He said the influx of infected patients is attributed to the meal they ate during the opening of a privately owned new four-storey building in Marol Market in Bor.

Achol Panchol, a victim, told TCT by phone that she felt sick few hours after eating at the function.

“I feel short of breath and started to vomit and diarrhea. I trembled and felt weak,” she told TCT in her native Dinka language.

Panthum Chol Riak, the owner of the building was shocked about the incident but expressed his regrets.

“I don’t know what happened. I pray that God save the lives of the innocent souls who ate the food but I am really sorry to hear the shocking news,” Riak told TCT by Phone.

He said food items were purchased in the local market including two bulls that were slaughtered for the occasion.

“The cooks are my relatives and are among those lying helplessly at the hospital bed, so I call on doctors to do their best to tell us what happened,” He said.

Health officials from Bor State Hospital said they have been busy throughout the night attending to patients with support from Sudan Medical Care.

Abraham Deng Mayen, director of administration at Bor State Hospital, said the cause of the sickness could not be known immediately for lack of food laboratory services in the State.

“We held a meeting today with some health partners and we reported. So the sample will be collected and will be sent to Juba. We will then wait for the report so that we can know exactly what the real cause of this problem is,” Mayen said.


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