South Sudanese urged to ‘respect laws’

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A county commissioner has urged South Sudanese to respect and observe the law in order to have a stable and peaceful nation.
Yei County commissioner Denis Lasuba Paul said despite South Sudanese expressing high hopes for peace this year, total peace will only prevail if the rule of law is upheld.
“Peace will not come easily if we don’t respect the rule of law,” he told journalists on Saturday in the wake of shooting in Yei. “The law is the law and we should all abide by the law…And if there is respect for the rule of law, we will achieve the desired peace.”
Lasuba added that all South Sudanese should be an example to foreign nationals through respecting the country’s laws.
The commissioner said citizens should understand that they have a noble job of protecting people and their property, as well as defending the nation.
Commissioner Lasuba’s statements came just a day after separate fatal incidences happened in the county. On Friday, two people were shot by unknown gunmen in Kimbi area, along Yei-Juba road.

Last Friday, an armed man opened fire on mourners in Yei at around 10:00 pm, leaving an 18-year old lady dead while five others were injured. The fatal incident happened when mourners were conducting a last funeral rite.
Fikri Fahad Omar, acting police inspector, said authorities are investigating a suspect linked to the shooting.
Victims, who are taking medications in local health facilities, said they could hardly recognise the shooter.
“Immediately, when the first bullet was shot, I could not move. I realized my leg was broken,” said one male victim. “He (shooter) aimed his bullets on the people who were singing and beating the drum,” he explained.
Another female victim said the shooter came from the main road side but she could not identify him.
Police inspector Fahad alleged that alcohol influence may have triggered the deadly shooting against mourners in Yei.
“When people take a lot of drinks, I think this is the cause. He (shooter) used to stay with those people (victims),” he said.
However, Fahad told TCT Saturday morning that investigations were still going on.

Alcohol-related incidents
Commissioner Lasuba said that the authorities have noted with concern that for the past two weeks, many ugly incidents had happened, which were attributed to alcohol influence.
Selling of alcohol to soldiers on duty has been banned in Yei, a provisional order issued two weeks ago stated.
“We also banned people who are brewing local brews to sell to our men and women in uniform,” he said.
The order stipulates that anyone who violates the order will be fined SSP 3,000 and a jail sentence of not exceeding six months”.
In November, five residential areas in Yei banned open selling of alcohol and specified penalties to violators.


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