Christians, Muslims pray and fast for peace in South Sudan


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Prayers held at Christ the king cathedral on saturdayHundreds of Christians from different denominations and Muslims in South Sudan’s Yei state have prayed and fasted for peace in the war-torn country.
The one-day prayer and fasting meeting was organized by Yei Inter-church Committee (ICC) women group who conduct their rotational monthly gathering in different local churches.
The five churches constituting the Yei Inter-church committee are the Roman Catholic Church, Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan, Sudan Pentecostal Church, Evangelical Presbyterian Church and African Inland Church.
Saturday’s gathering, which involved singing Christian songs, reflections on chosen readings, speeches and prayers, also brought together Christians from sister churches who are not members of ICC.
The Chairperson of the Inter-church Committee, Modo Rose Mary, said it was time to seek for God’s peace and strength amidst continued suffering, with women and children facing the brunt of humanitarian catastrophe.
Modo said the prayer gathering was an opportunity for South Sudanese people to embrace forgiveness, love and unity in the search for total peace. She added that for the nation to have peace and stability, citizens should not blame leaders for their suffering but rather pray for them.
“We are crying for peace,” Modo told Muslims and Christians at Christ the King Cathedral in Yei. “With our faith, with our hearts and with our sins, if we ask God to forgive us for the bad things we have done in Yei, in South Sudan, we will be forgiven and God will give us peace.”
Modo pointed out that peace starts from the heart, extends to the family and then prevails at the national level. She urged South Sudanese to understand and accept one another regardless of differences.
Women are concerned because of atrocities such as rape and torture which are committed against them and their children, said Hawa Adams, a Muslim woman and member of Yei County Women Association.
Hawa called on citizens to neglect baseless rumours and practice positive communications without exaggeration of situations.
“Too many rumours are breaking our hearts,” she lamented.
The Secretary General of Yei Catholic Diocese Fr. Emmanuel Lodongo Sebit said Christians and Muslims should maintain unity and continuously pray for observance of human rights in South Sudan.
“Today, we have gathered here as Christians and Muslims – as people of one God - that we have come with hope to seek for peace,” Fr Emmanuel said in his prayer.


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