Archbishop Deng denounces targeted killings in South Sudan, hostilities

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[Kajo-keji, South Sudan, CRN] The Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan has called on citizens to end targeted ethnic killings and hostilities adding to further bloodshed in the country.

Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul demands a complete stop to any form of hostilities which divides God’s people, quotes Kajo-Keji County Press Secretary, Derick Derickson. He  appeals to both the government and opposition forces to implement the peace agreement, Radio Easter reports.

Archbishop Deng advises them to protect the people of South Sudan regardless of their ethnic backgrounds.

Deliberating during the Bishops’ council, Archbishop Daniel released Bishop Anthony Poggo of Kajo-Keji Diocese on Tuesday, to assume new duty as an advisor to the Anglican Communion affairs in the United Kingdom.

He describes the legacy of Bishop Poggo as “wise and unforgettable”.

Archbishop Deng expects the entire members of the council to emulate his good examples, including developments made upon his appointment in 2007.

He appoints Vicar General Henry Leju as a Care taker within 90 days where he shall call for a synod to organize for elections.

The Archbishop urges members of the council to utilize the ninety days to “correctly choose a rightful candidate.

Bishop Poggo welcomes his appointment, calling on Christians to work together in peace for the service of God’s people.

Kajo-Keji County Commissioner, Julius Tabule applauds the efforts of the church in pastoral and development activities.

He pledges government’s continued partnership with the church.

Source: CRN


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