US Ambassador to South Sudan pledge to lobby government for Youth entrepreneurship


 [Juba, South Sudan, TCT] The US Ambassador to South Sudan has called on the government to put in place policies that would favor youth to be entrepreneurial.

Ambassador Molly Phee said it is the responsibility of the government to make sure that regulations are in place to ensure transparency and check corruption in business.

The ambassador was speaking to a group of students at the University of Juba in a forum organized by the Youth Technology Development Organization.

Ambassador Molly pledged to lobby the government on behalf of the youth. “What we have seen in fact the government has a very important role in setting rules of the game. The government should create transparency with rule of law and should promote anti-corruption.”

Adding that, the government has the authority to reduce bureaucracy in regulations that can make it hard for business to operate and especially young people.

“As an ambassador, I can be an advocate for government policy changes on this issue, and I will help to create an environment for you to be able to actually be an entrepreneur.”

The involvement of youth into entrepreneurship will reduces crimes and redundancy which people youth involves in bad company. Small scale business will be a job creation for young people in South Sudan, so the government must support and change its policy to encouraged youth to do business.   


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