Cattle raiders killed one person and wounded another in Kolnyang, Bor


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[Bor, South Sudan, TCT] At least one person was killed and another injured in an attack by suspected cattle raiders on Tuesday in Bangasorot area of Kolnyang Payam, Bor County, Jonglei State along Juba- Bor road. Authorities says more than 300 herds of cattle that were stolen have been recovered by young men and police. Speaking to TCT on phone, Bor County Commissioner Mr. Isaac Mamer Ruuk said the wounded person is being treated in Bor hospital. “One civilian was wounded; he is under critical condition in Bor civil hospital. And on the side of the raiders, our youth managed to kill one of them. Kolnyang was attacked by suspected criminals; they attacked an area called Bangasorot and our forces in the area plus youth managed to repel them back. They have rescued almost all cattle that was three hundred and forty from rebels hands,” he said. The Commissioner confirmed the situation is now calm, but that all actors are prepared for any other attack. He said, the attackers are identified as rebels who are looking for cattle. In a related development the widely applauded as exemplary of rival Rup, Kuei and Pakam communities of Rumbek North, Rumbek central Counties in Lakes state embarked on a series of peace and reconciliation efforts in bringing stability into State. Lakes State Security Advisor to the Caretaker Governor, Mr. Marial Amoum, told TCT that the communities have agreed to share existing water bodies and grazing lands and stop using guns to kill each other. “After a few days Rup community will be moving to the area of Buoi, Mayom, and Aber, they will come and resettle and these are places that have been deserted 3 years ago because of conflict. When people of Rup heard that Pakam has pulled back into it area, they became very happy and this has contributed greatly to the success of this peace process,” said Amoum. Lakes State communal conflict has becomes challenge for South Sudan for the last ten years. These communities of Kuei, Rup and Pakam were living peacefully during the war and since the signing of CPA, the cattle wrestling and raiding erupted followed by cycle of revenge killings that has killed so many young people, women, elderly people and educated. So many peace initiatives had been conducted including President Kiir leading peace team to Rumbek, but failed. It is reported that since the beginning of the peace that initiated by students in Rumbek, it is now two weeks without person killed in Rumbek.

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