Caretaker Governor of Central Equatoria State reaffirms government commitment to fight insecurity


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[Yei, South Sudan, TCT] The Central Equatoria State Caretaker Governor assured South Sudan citizens in the state the commitment of his government to bring peace in ending insecurity that affecting people in the towns and along high ways. Addressing a public rally in Yei on Tuesday, Governor Juma Ali Malou appealed to the citizens to support the implementation of the peace agreement that was signed recently. “Let us all continue supporting the implementation of the peace signed by our President Salva Kiir Mayardit because this peace is the real peace and the only way for our stability”, Governor Malou told the rally at the freedom square. Ministers, members of parliament, local government officials, organized forces, media, churches and schoolchildren, attended the rally. Governor Malou explained how his government will deal with road insecurity in his State. “It is the role of the state and national government to fight insecurity in the Country. We will get rid of this (road insecurity) with our forces. Our forces will do everything so that peace returns because these are enemies of peace,” he stated. According to the governor, up to 70 people have been killed along high ways in the state, in particular Juba-Yei and Kajokeji-Juba roads. He lamented that thirteen of them were killed during his time as governor. “On the road from Juba-Yei, 31 people have been killed. While Kajokeji-Juba, 26 people killed. If it happens on the roads, its means these are enemies of peace or the rebels who are doing that. People were killed in this week in a very brutal way, inhumane killing, even the cattle that is to be eaten cannot be slaughtered in that way”, he said. Governor Malou promised to work to ensure stable security in all the six counties of the state, adding that his leadership will work harder to ensure that all the 64 tribes of South Sudan and other foreign nationals coexist peacefully in Central Equatoria State. To have peace, Governor Malou underscored the need for forces to collaborate with civilians to improve the security by ending criminals or rebels activities in the state. He said forces should respect civilians and offer protection to their lives and property, adding that without the support of civilians, there will be no leadership. He reminded civilians that information provision to the forces is important to fight crimes in the country. “We want cooperation between our forces and the civilians. The civilians are your fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. But you are the children”, he told forces at the rally. From Mid December 2013, South Sudan has been affected by political violence perpetrated by warring parties, which broke out in the national capital of Juba. The warring parties are still implementing the IGAD plus Compromised Peace Agreement to end the power struggle violence that has killed tens of thousands and displaced about 2.2 million people, according to United Nations. Extended violence and highway insecurity has set fear among citizens, stalling movements and compelling some to opt for flights as an alternative transport, which is costly. But low-income citizens endure travel or abandon some movements for life security. As implementation keeps on, the warring parties continue to exchange accusations on violations of the agreement with some attacks, blaming each other.

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