Bishop worries that lack of peace has permanently put lives of citizens in fear

[Yei, South Sudan, TCT] In a rally addressed by the care taker governor of central equatorial state, in Yei, , the Bishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan Hillary Luate Adeba, Bishop of Yei Diocese said lack of peace has permanently put lives of citizens in fear, frightened and unsure of their future. Bishop Luate expressed worries that insecurity in high ways has made life difficult for South Sudanese people who wanted to carry out their livelihood businesses. “We cannot do anything. The men and women of Yei cannot go to Juba to take their beans and dodo (green vegetable) to sell in Juba so that they can get what is possible for them to use for their life. It has become difficult because our roads have become killing grounds”, said Bishop in the rally. The Bishop appealed to South Sudanese to keep hope, embrace love, unity and reconciliation to realize a lasting peace towards the reconstruction of the ravaged nation.
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