Eastern Equatoria governor warn of imminent hunger

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[Juba, South Sudan, TCT] State governor of Eastern Equatoria, Louis Lobong Lojore warns of the risk of mass starvation in his state. Addressing the state legislative assembly early this week, governor Lobong told legislators that many families will face severe hunger due to lack of rainfall and unexpected crop failure.

“Although peace and security are top on agenda, things are not the same in Eastern Equatoria state where hunger and starvation has replaced top state priorities,” he emphasized.

Governor Lobong urged the people of Eastern Eqautoria to remain vigilant as many families are facing food shortages.

“We must jointly confront the situation,” he said.

About a month ago, hunger-related death cases have been reported in Eastern Equatoria state and several families believed to have run to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya searching for food.

However, the state minister of agriculture Mr. Clement Chichim, explained that the Kapeota counties of North, East, South and Budi and in addition to Magwi, Lafon, Ikotos and Torit were worst hit due to rainfall shortage.

“The first phase of harvest has gone without food crop yields in Kapoeta. The area is completely dry as if it is a dry season,” he said.

While members of state assembly of Eastern Equatoria state were out for recess, they visited their constituencies and assessed the extent of crop damage in the local farms. They confirmed that addressing the issue of hunger must be one of the top agenda on state priorities.

In 2013, the country’s agriculture and forestry ministry announced plans for a comprehensive master plan, seeking to revive the largely dormant sector as part of plans to diversify the country’s economy, which largely depends on oil revenues.

In peace related development in Eastern Equatoria State, Lobong also called on citizens to rally behind the government for the implementation of recent signed peace accord.

He urged legislators to inform their constituencies to fully embrace peace in the state and the country as a whole. 



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