Trachoma specialists meet in Juba to discuss elimination of the disease

[Juba, South Sudan, TCT] A team of trachoma specialists are meeting in Juba this week to discuss strategies to ensure the elimination of blinding disease known as trachoma by 2020. The annual review meeting that starts on Tuesday is expected to discuss key preventive measures. Dr. Hillary Okia, an expert in ophthalmology, revealed to TCT that trachoma is a highly infectious disease caused by bacteria and can eventually lead into blindness. He said hygiene is a fundamentally important part of prevention. Another prevention strategy is to avoid overcrowding, especially in areas that are endemic with the disease. ”South Sudan has some of the highest blindness rates in the world, according to the World Health Organization”, said Dr. Okia. The trachoma programme under the National Ministry of Health is working towards eliminating the disease by 2020. Well, the question is, are South Sudanese aware of the disease? Are they really informed about this dangerous and preventable disease? Maybe not, but the government has an obligation to do awareness so that people are safe.
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