Yei Episcopal Church hopes to celebrate 100 years in peaceful environment

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[Yei, South Sudan, RT] The Episcopal Church in South Sudan’s Yei River area is hoping to celebrate its one hundred years in existence in a peaceful environment. The leadership of the church has started preparations for celebrations planned to take place on the 6th February 2017. It is not clear whether the event is organized to coincide with the visit of President Salva Kiir due in the same month. The event aimed at commemorating the first introduction of Christianity headed by an Angelical missionary Paul Gibson to the people of greater Yei area in 1917.

The Christian missionaries who came to Yei as early as 1917, established the current Immanuel Diocese in the area together with numerous literacy primary, secondary, health centers and churches in Lainya, Kajo-keji and Morobo counties respectively.

Bishop Hillary Luate Adeba says the celebration marks a fundamental; cultural, spiritual, economic and socio-political transformation of communities in Yei.

He says the one hundred year’s jubilee should mark a new beginning for South Sudanese generation deeply rooted with hearts of peace, love, unity and fear of termination of human souls but concentrated efforts for development.

“As we come closer, we are soon celebrating an important period in the lives of the people of Yei, the Christian religion has transformed our communities, cultural believes and made our people cleverer and exposed to the world because of the work of the gospel. As we celebrate this period, it should usher us into a new generation of people who will stop violence, hatred and the need for human protection. The next hundred years should lead us into peace, love and proper development” he stressed.

The five day celebrations will feature cultural festivals from the 64 tribes, peace advocacy, and reconciliation, inauguration of Yei centenary university, building of a memorial Christian centre and a new foundation for Immanuel Cathedral.

The prelate calls on the Government, development partners, friends both within and those in the Diaspora to support the event and its development programs.

“Our partners, friends and the people of South Sudan, including the Government to really help our initiatives. We have planned so many activities including a centenary university, memorial centre, and a new foundation for new Emmanuel diocese and that can go well if we can be supported. We want peace and development to start from Yei and roll out to other parts of South Sudan”

Source: RT


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