president assured parliament, nation is not in debt


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[Juba, South Sudan TCT] President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Wednesday while addressing parliament, assured the members of two August House [National legislative Assembly and council of states] saying his government has not borrowed any money as others may think. Kiir in his speech in the parliament corrected unproven accusation of many people and countries suspecting South Sudan may have borrowed millions of money from various sources. “As your president, I can assure you that South Sudan has not borrowed money externally as people think. What we have done is to take [free] sale of oil to address our national challenges,” Said Kiir in his speech. He further pointed out that his government has already taken steps to ensure the supply of essential commodities to the market on affordable prices to reduce the current high prices being experienced in the country. He noted saying his government has taken serious measures which will go a long way in lessening difficulties the nation is currently facing including fuel shortages. In his speech, Kiir highlighted that the only alternative source to meet all financial gaps is for government to improve on non-oil revenues collection. “For food, the government has secured funds and contracted credible banks to import food items and fuel we have sign a contract with international company to close the gaps of fuel shortages in the country,” Kiir explains. The president blamed the economic slip to the existent of the black market in the country, adding that the increase of vendors [those selling dollars in black market under umbrellas] all over the main streets of the capital has contributed to economic strain and shortage of hard currency in the country. “I wonder when I see somebody with no goods resting and possessing a lot of dollars. Where do they get these dollars? This is something that all of us should go in to find out because these are the people slaughtering this country,” Kiir stresses. Present at the parliament where the president addressed the nation included two speakers of the august house, government advisors, cabinet ministers, governors including the chief administrator of greater Pibor, as well the leader of minority.

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