Rights Activist calls on AU to meet all stakeholders during visit to Juba


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[Juba, South Sudan, TCT] A Civil Society Activist has called on the African Union, Peace and Security Council (AU-PSC) to meet all stakeholders such as faith based, women, youth, private sector and civil society during a visit to Juba.

The call comes as the delegation of the African Union Peace and Security Council is expected to meet government officials in Juba this month to acquaint itself with the situation in South Sudan.

In a statement seen by TCT, Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress organizations (CEPO), said it is encouraging and promising that the AU Peace and Security Council takes an effective role in engaging in South Sudan.

Yakani added that the visit of the AU-PSC to Juba for an official meeting with authorities is a clear demonstration of commitment and care for seeing peace prevail in South Sudan.

‘’AU-PSC is a machismo that we are expecting a lot from lobbying the negotiation parties to compromise for the sake of peace and security in the country’’ Yakani added.

He said it is time for AU-PSC to stand up as an instrument to save its citizens in the continent to ensure that peace and security is must to prevail.

‘’We are expecting strong political engagement between AU-PSC and warring parties to make the next phase of the HLRF successful,’’ added the Director.

He has urged the AU-PSC to engage in handling estranged and hostile relationships among the political elites which have become a strong factor hindering realization of peace and security.

‘’We are not expecting a peace agreement deal as a temporary arrangement, we need a deal that will secure a sustainable peace and empower citizens to decide who should be their leaders and representatives through the ballot box not bullets’’ Mr. Yakani stressed.

CEPO noted that lobbying for the South Sudan negotiating parties to avail the will for accepting peaceful establishment of their political difference should be paramount for AU-PSC shuttle diplomacy.

The delegation is scheduled to visit the capital Juba from 15-19 April.


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