Journalists trained on media laws and code of ethics in Lakes State.


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[Rumbek, South Sudan, TCT] About 20 Journalists in Lakes State are attending media training organized by the Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS).

Speaking to media in Rumbek, Lakes State, Alfred Taban, a renowned journalist and Chairperson of AMDISS, said the training includes sensitization on the country’s media laws and the journalists’ code of conduct. 

“So we are here in Lakes State to sensitize the reporters about two issues: One, the code of conduct of journalists and media laws. This code of conduct was prepared by ADMISS to allow journalist to do their job professionally, and then media laws came into forced last year when the president signed them into laws, but many journalists don’t know about these media laws. The second thing we are doing is to make journalists aware of these documents and know how to utilize them for the benefit of their work,” said Taban.

Addressing a gathering on behalf of the State Governor, the Minister for Agriculture Mr. Philip Kot Job appreciated the media training and appealed for a smooth working relationship between journalists and public officials. 

“We should have a very good and smooth relationship among ourselves as journalists and  also as a government. Anybody who hates media or who hates pressmen is somebody who feels  guilty and afraid that maybe media will expose things which are not good to the public.  Anyone who knows that he or she is doing the right things will cooperate well when a journalist asks for an interview. If you as journalists do right things you have no problem. Again, don’t be afraid for writing the truth and facts. If you go and report something different from what person told you, this is where the problem is,” said Kot.

Media training is very important for South Sudanese journalists because of the danger of the environment, and media targets that have always hindered their operation. Many media practitioners in South Sudan are not aware of media laws and code of ethics, which always make the government felt uneasy with media work. 


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