Police apprehend a criminal gang member in Juba, says spokesperson


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[Juba, South Sudan, TCT] The police operation in Juba has allegedly arrested a man believed to have been behind a robbery at a jewelry shop at Hai Malakal on Sunday. On Sunday, armed robbers stormed a jewelry shop at Hai Malakal, killing one person and injuring three others before running away with stolen Jewelry. Police spokesperson Colonel James Monday Enoka saidthat the suspect was arrested from the Shirikat area along the Eastern Bank of the River Nile. “Three people were injured and one person died on the spot. In the course of the robbery, the thieves were able to get away with a big quantity of jewelry from the shop. So far, police have arrested one person in Gumbo from among the group of robbers. Most of these criminals are [assumed to be] hiding in Shirikat because the place is crowded and you can see a lot of people just in random but police have succeeded to arrest a criminal. As I talk, the search is still going on for other criminals,” explained Monday. Meanwhile, the Colonel revealed to the media that more than 20 suspects including foreign nationals are in custody since the police force has stepped up its operations in Juba city. He expects the suspects to be arraigned in court soon. “The police have been on a very serious crackdown on criminals for the last two or three days – up to 23 criminals have been arrested. Out of these, 11 are South Sudanese and they will appear before Court of law to face justice. I assure you the crackdown on criminals will continue,” narrated Monday. The Police Spokesperson urged the public to provide any information that is deemed vital for police operations on criminal activities. Criminal activity is reported to be higher in the capital of Juba than in other states. Juba now has become insecure. Criminal gangs have been reported to assemble at Shirikat, Gumbo and the area of Gure. Foreign nationals are said to be leading the training of national criminals. The government must now take serious efforts to crack down on crime and make Juba town conducive for investors and citizens to live in peace.

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