Wau Catholic diocese plans replacement of incumbent bishop


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[Nairobi, Kenya, RT] A Roman Catholic diocese of Wau is calling for prayers and best wishes from Christian believers, as the administration hopes the health condition of the incumbent bishop would improve to resume his religious work. It is also seeking religious guidance during a search for the new bishop

The incumbent Bishop of Diocese of Wau , Rudolf Deng Majak, has over the past two years been rarely available at the headquarters of his diocese, sparking anxiety fearing an administrative vacuum. The top religious leader, according to Christian believers and subordinates in the church, has been unable to perform duties since falling sick, forcing him to stay in Kenya and other countries for treatment.

Speaking to South Sudanese worshippers during Sunday services at Kayole Parish on Sunday in Nairobi Kenya, Father Angelo Agany Deng called on all Christians to pray for health of Bishop Deng Majak.

He hinted that the bishop may retire early next year if his health condition does not improve, according to the consensus reached at South Sudan and Sudan’s Bishops conference held in Khartoum last Month

"As you all know our Bishop Rudolf Deng Majak has been sick and could not able to run his Diocese and as such the last month's bishop's conference held in Khartoum agreed that he will be asked if another bishop will be assign to run his diocese and he has accepted. Therefore next year in April or May, he will go for his retirement, if his health condition will never improve. But we shall pray that his condition will change because we still need his good services”, Father Agany told believers.

He revealed that the leadership of Roman Catholic Church has approved 17 dioceses for South Sudan, describing a good move as number believers from the catholic faith have increased in the new nation.

"Good news is that the leadership of Roman Catholic has approved the establishment of 17 dioceses in South Sudan and two dioceses will go to Aweil and Greater Warrap respectively" he added

He appealed to the government and humanitarian to put an end the suffering of Wau Internally Displaced Persons. "Our mission in Wau is completely full of IDPS and I can tell even doors to our rooms are occupied and I witnessed this myself during my recent visit to Wau, Tonj and Aweil. Please pray for them so that God will change their situation”, he appealed.


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