President Kiir assures the nation on commitment to implement peace agreement


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[Juba, South Sudan, TCT] The President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit assured the nation of his commitment to implement the recent signed compromise peace agreement. He firmly declared his commitment while addressing the nation today in Juba.

“As the President of this Country and Chairman of SPLM, I am now ready to implement the agreement as I have just signed it”, confirmed Kiir.

Kiir said urged South Sudanese that it is time to open new page and think the best way to resolve differences and to avoid future conflict among the people.

 “I believed this is time for us to come together despite our political differences, which made us fall apart  and brought too much suffering, humiliation and great damage to our country”, he said.

He said, after he made all the reservations and expressed the disappointment on provisions of the agreement, he finally accepted to append his signature on the peace document.

“I finally signed the peace document with reservations to return our Country back to peace and development. With that signature, I had fully committed the government to faithful implementation of the agreement on the resolution of conflict. All the institutions of government shall be bound by this agreement and shall be expected to carry out functions stipulated for them therein.”

On implementation modalities, president Kiir said his government is prepared for implementation but waiting for IGAD to launch some initial activities.

 “The government of South Sudan is waiting IGAD mediators to launch activities as per the implementation matrix,” added president Kiir.

While addressing the nation at J1 (state house), Kiir describes the signed compromise peace agreement as the most divisive and unprecedented peace document.

“This Inter-Governmental Authority and Development –IGAD, prescribed peace document on the resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan is the most divisive and unprecedented peace deal ever in the history of our Country and African Continent,” said the Kiir.

President Kiir feel the agreement has seriously attacked the sovereignty of the Republic of South. Kiir in his address stated, that “demilitarization of Juba and other capitals in the country, as shown in the agreement is not only against the sovereignty of South Sudan, but it is a clear testimony that there is no genuine agreement reached so far among the parties; except the imposed deal” Emphasized the president.

President Kiir highlighted some issues of his concerns on the signed agreement such as method for the selection and distribution of National Ministries among the parties to the agreement. Kiir explained that element of fear is predictable.  Kiir stated some parts of the signed agreement might pose challenges during implementation.

“Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission headed by a foreigner and shall exercise absolute powers, including the power to veto over the decisions of the government, even if parties forming the coalition agree… is another clear violation of sovereignty and hard earned independence of our country,” Kiir explained.

In his address, President Kiir justified that he declined singing peace agreement in Addis despite pressures in order to give chance for popular consultation with his government, and other stakeholders.

“On 26th August, 2015, after having completed the necessary consultations and I became confident that the issues had become clearer to my government and the political stakeholders; I signed the agreement, though with serious reservations,” he stated.

However, President Kiir warned that there would be some challenges during implementation stage.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the implementation of some provisions of the agreement will be confronted by practical difficulties that will make it inevitable to review or amend such provisions.”

Kiir urged stakeholders and South Sudanese to exercise patience in order to overcome challenges, which may arise during the implementation of the agreement. President calls on his party members and leaders to be prepared for reforms and re-organization of the party.  He also called on all South Sudanese to work together for peace in the country as the responsibility of all to have peace.

“I call upon you all to joint hands with me during the transitional period until the general elections in 2018, so that we bring peace to our country. I am committed to peace and the implementation of it in order to overcome the challenges of humanitarian and economic crisis facing our people today,” he concluded. 


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