No more going to bush again, says Mayor

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[Yei, South Sudan, TCT] Deputy Mayor of Yei municipality in Central Equatoria State called on South Sudanese youth to refrain from returning to the bush again by joining any movement, but instead to work for peace. Speaking during the graduation of 128 South Sudanese youth in different skills at Yei vocational training centre last Saturday, Mr. Silvano Ali Sangusol said, “Let us wait for the agreement being implemented which is very important”. “Our children should not go back to bush again, it is time now as people to being working for peace. If there are people who are thinking so, let the relatives tell them not to join movements. Taking up arms brings a lot of suffering on us”, said Silvano. Silvano called on the people of South Sudan to contribute in the implementation of IGAD and peace agreement signed in August this year. She added that peace will provide the only chance to develop the nation. He encouraged leaders to fight for leadership through democratic means instead of killing innocent people. “Elections will be there so that we can choose leaders you want but taking up guns will cause more suffering, deaths and displacements.”, he told the gathering. Silvano challenged citizens to support peace in an effort to rebuild the nation and resist war. He encouraged people to stand up for peace and reconciliation as warring parties continue expressing their commitment in the implementation process of the Resolution of Conflict of South Sudan despite violations. The twenty-month conflict has left tens of thousands of South Sudanese people dead, and 2.2 million people displaced. In a related development, displaced persons report having been cheated out of humanitarian food assistance. This includes more than 1,500 IDPs from Mundiri and Maridi Counties in Western Equatoria State who were displaced in Yei, and another 3,000 IDPs from Wonduruba and Dolo payams of Juba integrated into communities in Yei. The deputy Town Mayor Mr. Silvano Ali told media that the food distribution was suspended after local residents attempted to acquire assistance unfairly. “Our people in Yei, they came to cheat IDPs in demanding food to be given to them, creating bad image on us and even let food distribution suspended. We therefore had to cancel the distribution and we are strategizing on how we can give the rest of IDPs their food without conflict”, he said.
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