Yei County Commissioner promises to unite communities

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[Yei, South Sudan, TCT] South Sudan’s Commissioner in Yei River State, Denis Lasuba, has said his leadership has prioritized uniting the sixty-four communities of South Sudan.

He said he will work in cooperation with the other levels of government, churches and citizens to return hope, peace, and stability to the area.

He has focused on, during the time of leadership, to collectively end insecurity, and in the process fully involve the younger generations.

“I believe strongly that my job is to see that you are safe in Yei and you can live in Yei without fear”, Lasuba said at a welcome gathering organized by the local communities on Saturday.

“You need to come and join me, so we can work together to restore the Yei river county, which was once  known as peaceful”, he appealed.

Commissioner Lasuba’s statements came at a difficult time, as the state government is struggling to fix rising insecurity amongst the citizens of Yei. Of most recent, twelve civilians were brutally killed in Pukuka area of Yei River County.

In an effort to improve the situation, he replaced Bidali Cosmas Wori-Kojo, who earlier defected with three local government officials to join the armed opposition groups.

Many calls for an amicable dialogue between the government and armed opposition groups have been made.

Adding his voice, Yei Catholic Vicar General Fr Zachariah Angutuwa Sebit, urged leaders at all levels to “accept the truth” in settling grievances because it could pave the way to a peaceful solution.

He has said that the insecurity in Otogo county has cut him off from carrying out pastoral activities to Christians in the parishes of St. Augustine.

“We are bleeding internally. But the best way to improve this situation is to address the truth because it will set us free so that we develop our country”, he said.

Local leaders stated that any prevailing stable security will put off human rights violations and abuses.

They are concerned that lack of peace is hitting the women and other vulnerable groups harder, including children and persons with disabilities.

“If there is security we shall have total peace in Yei and neighboring counties, we shall respect for human life and dignity”, said Hawa Adams, Yei River County Women Association Chairlady.

While giving his closing remarks, State Governor David Lokonga Moses said that he has his “authority divided down into the thirteen commissioners” to cooperate with security organs in the protection of the civilians.

He reiterated that his government continues to stand firm to pursue dialogue with the opposition to peacefully lower security tensions in the state.

On unauthorized gunshots, governor Lokonga directed security organs to desist from unnecessary random shooting of guns to avoid scaring away civilians.

“I don’t want to hear gunshots. I also do not want to see a soldier drinking alcohol with guns in those areas”, he ordered.



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