Yei state parliament officially opened

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[Yei, South Sudan, TCT] Yei River state legislative assembly has finally been inaugurated, with leaders making promises to address the rampant insecurity in the state.
The speaker of the assembly, Naphtali Hassan Gale said during the opening ceremony over the weekend, that the parliament would work hard to satisfy the interests of citizens by addressing the most burning issues in the state, through legislation of policies, plans and bills.
Hassan called for cooperation with other levels of government – the executive and the judiciary - to speed up development efforts, and to act on issues based on merit. He reminded leaders to work hard since they would later demand for votes from citizens – within and outside the country – who are undergoing an imposed agony exacerbated by political and economic crises.
“We should rise up and address these issues to give hope to our people, so that peace is sustained in Yei town,” he said. “We need to address issues based on merit and priorities, using proper channels, and giving due respect to those in authority.”
Chairing the opening session, state Governor David Lokonga Moses said it would be necessary for the assembly to inform partners and citizens on issues pertaining to development policies and laws, so as to ease execution.
“There would be no room of tolerance to any form of corruption”, Lokonga said, while underscoring the significance of parliament in dealing with corruption cases in both public and private sectors.
Enacting a law on declaration of budgets of non-government organizations, he said, would enable the government to direct resources to areas of priority and to avoid concentration of partners in one area or replication of services.
“I think this time, a law is to be enacted so that we could look into working as partners with NGOs, so that they declare their budgets, so that the government can fit the support from different sectors into its plans,” he added.
Speaking on behalf of the churches, Yei Catholic Bishop Erkolano Lodu Tombe said the government and the private sector should have a better working relationship.
He said South Sudanese leaders at all levels, including members of parliament, should serve citizens with humility and diligence. He also emphasized on the importance of unity among citizens.
“Without unity, it may not be possible to go ahead. Jesus tells us, 'a kingdom divided against itself will not stand',” he said, while addressing the parliamentarians.
A resident, Peter Sayid Morjan, used the occasion to ask the leaders to get rid of the growing insecurity in Yei and the worsening economic hardships.
“The results of fighting in South Sudan have made survival difficult for citizens,” he lamented.


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