South Sudan has just celebrated its 3rd independence anniversary, at a time when the country is at war against itself. Various parts of the country are experiencing instability, while the talk of federalism is also raging.

The bits of memory when she was leaving home… Adults speaking in hurried voices, a tinge of fear and uncertainty. No one knew where the children would end up really but all hoped they would be in a better place. They were loaded into a truck and off they went. But where is granny? Someone find my 'abuba' because I cannot leave without her. What about my friends...oh my cousins can we all go together?

Africa is said to be one of the most endowed continents in terms of natural resources, compared to other continents of the world. And that is not all; Africa is also blessed with many people and a rich spiritual heritage.

The long awaited referendum in Abyei is yet to take place. This is a sad state of affairs that has recently led the Ngok Dinka, who are inhabitants of the region to hold a referendum that was highly criticized by the African Union and the two Sudans.