About Us

About Us


Formerly known as The New Sudan Christian, The Christian Times (TCT), is a South Sudanese Christian-worldview fortnightly newspaper, launched in 2004 by the Reverend John Chol Daau, a South Sudanese Anglican priest from the Diocese of Bor and former Lost Boy of Sudan. While a student at Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya, other students joined him in support of his vision to establish the first and only Christian newspaper in South Sudan. TCT was originally set up as a supplemental training aide and communication arm of the Good Shepherd Leadership Training Center, GSLTC, now the Good Shepherd College & Seminary, an institute of the Episcopal Church of Sudan in the Diocese of Bor.

TCT advocates for social development, peace, and reconciliation in South Sudan. Printed in Nairobi, Kenya, and with offices in Juba, South Sudan, TCT gives readers a platform to discuss latest happenings, transformative development, peace and justice. Our correspondents and collaborators are drawn from East Africa and the Diaspora. For eight years now, TCT has published consistently, thanks to support from directors and partners, both within South Sudan and abroad.

Scope & Strategy

TCT is Anglican-based, founded upon Christian principles and managed by a board of directors. It provides a place for interfaith dialogue and discussions about issues of justice, peace, development and business enterprises. It gives space to communicate about the life and activities of the South Sudanese church in general. TCT practices “peace journalism” and lays emphasis on promoting peace. TCT helps build intellectual depth, social networks, and policy plans to enable active progress in society for transformation of people’s lives. TCT engages in entrepreneurship to strengthen the common good of the people.