‘Nothing but Hope’: South Sudanese Refugees In Uganda Suffer Lack of Food and Shelter


[ADJUMANI, UGANDA Global Press] —Salina Anduwa, a refugee from South Sudan, prepares a meal from wild herbs she collected from a nearby bush in Pagirinya settlement, a refugee camp in Adjumani district, northwestern Uganda.

Anduwa, her three children and three grandchildren have been living under a tree in this settlement since they arrived from South Sudan in July.

The government of Uganda gives each refugee household a plot of land to farm and materials to build a basic shelter, but Anduwa and her family are still waiting for theirs.

“Me and my children stay outside here under this tree during the daytime, and at night, we go to the abandoned big tents over there,” Anduwa says, referring to tents reserved for newly-arrived refugees.

People who are already living in the settlement aren’t allowed to use the tents, but Anduwa’s family and others who don’t have their own shelters sneak into them at night and leave early in the morning, before camp officials arrive.

Anduwa and her family also have yet to receive their food ration cards. Refugees need them to receive food each month. Instead, they rely on handouts from other refugees. Officials say the family’s lack of a ration card is likely due to a registration issue.

Anduwa and her family are among the more than 200,000 South Sudanese refugees who have fled to Uganda since the conflict-prone country experienced a fresh wave of fighting in July. Read more here

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